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I discovered the wonderful world of IRCNet on 2000, when Internet connection reached my home. I spent most of my adolescence on its channels, especially the one dedicated to my hometown, #montesilvano — yes, hashtags meant something different in the early 2000s.

I met a lot of interesting people on that channel, friends that I still mete nowadays. One of those guys is Francesco Marzoli, a talented guy that was moving the first steps towards the web design world. I was more into development, and we were used to share the passion about the web. We have even been working together once.

My studies in L’Aquila first and my working career in Amsterdam then made our lives go on different paths, but the friendship never vanished. Francesco has not only a lot of talent and passion, but also a lot of brothers and sisters. One of them, a guy named Emmanuele, grew up as a skilled cartoonist. Emmanuele has his own style and I liked it a lot since when I saw what he did for his brother’s Facebook page.

Therefore, I asked them to do the same for the logo of this website. And the magnificent, cool and funny result is just in front of your eyes. The pencil of Emmanuele and the design skills of Francesco joint forces for an iconic outcome.

To know more about their activities, visit their pages linked below:

Francesco Marzoli Digital Post Production
Francesco Marzoli’s YouTube Tutorials Channel
Emmanuele Marzoli’s Comics Instagram Gallery

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