5 things that made London Grammar’s gig unforgettable

As I wrote in some earlier post, music is the real engine of my daily life. I have playlists for every occasions, but obviously that’s not enough. Live is the essence of music – live is life, indeed. I’m not a good drum player, but I’m practicing a lot with the cajon, after being “playing” (quotes are compulsory) djembé for years. Vondelpark and Museumplein are actually ideal places where to go and have a jam session with friends. Also my backyard is an usual stage for our performance.

However, I’m addicted to concerts, and I don’t lose any chance to go to bands that I really like. This was the case of the London Grammar’s gig, which I attended last Wednesday at the Heineken Music Hall. It has been an unforgettable experience, for a number of reasons.

Hannah Reid

I don’t want to obscure the rest of the band – Dot Major is a polyhedric genius and Daniel Rothman gives the decisive epic touch –, but since the first moment I listened to a song from their album, I fell in love with the voice of Hannah.
I saw some interviews in the past but never saw the singer in her whole beauty. That’s why I fell in love with her for a second time, last Wednesday. She’s just perfect. And not only with her body, but also with her voice. I couldn’t tell the difference between the studio recorded song and the live performance, for how much flawless it has been. Touching, delightful, incomparable.

First concert alone

I was supposed to go with a friend but work commitment changed the plans. I thought I could call somebody else but I wanted to experiment how it is being on your own at a concert. I must say that I won’t do it again. It had some advantages, like not waiting for the latest, no worries to go around the venue to find them – in case they came earlier or they got lost during the concert –, no long waiting times at the toilet. Thought, music is a feeling to be shared, especially with the ones you like to have around.

The two guys who fainted

No, seriously. I had a shower before I went to the concert. Wear a new pair of shoes. It can’t be me. Though, yes, the Heineken Music Hall is huge, nice, and everything, but the air conditioning system was not at its best. Perhaps the first girl was a bit on drugs, I would say, but the second guy was ok, not even a drink or whatsoever. Weird.

The storm after

There should be a Murphy law stating that the day you will leave your jacket(s) at the laundry shop will be the day of the perfect storm. And, if it exists, Murphy was right. There are no more than fifty meters between the HMH doors and the Bijlmer Arena metro station. Nevertheless, I got wet like few times before.

And this.