My sleeping beauty

Day 238. I just came out from the WCVB studios and I’m going to the dancing school, to pick Courtney up. We’re on our daily road to you. While I’m stopped by the red traffic light, I take a look to Dr. Thompson last update. Your heart is getting weaker and the veins are not collaborating.
Courtney is waiting for me in front of the dancing school entrance. Our little dragonfly runs towards me and hugs me. I pinch her nose, then I show my thumb between the index and the middle finger.
«Stolen! Now it’s mine!»
«No! Give it back to me, it’s my nose!» she says laughing. «Hey dad! I made it! I’ll be in the group for the final recital! And I’ll be in the front line!»
«Great, dear! Well done!»
I really don’t know how to tell her. I can’t find the right words to share what Dr. Thompson sent me. I don’t care, it’s my daughter’s moment.
«I will be dancing in front of a lot of people, like you do with your funny shows, dad!»
«It will be awesome, dear.»
«I only hope that they won’t laugh like they do with you. So, who will I be today?»
«Oh, yes». I take a sheet from the dashboard and give it to her. «You’ll be The Magic Witch of Nowhereland. You’re going to be a peaceful witch that has to defend the Queen of the Nowhereland against the evil sorcerer Blackhawk who wants to kidnap her.»
She takes her script and reads carefully her part.
«Dad, what is a spell?»
«It is an incantation. Something that denies you freedom.»
«Same thing that mom has?»
I’m not looking at her, I’m looking at the road in front of me and at the Charles River Basin. I don’t want to cross her gaze.
«Yes, and we have to defend her from demons and villains that want to steal her from us.»
«We’re a great team, dad!»

Once at the Boston Medical Center, I tell the receptionist that we’re there for you.
«We’re visiting Anna Caldwell. We’re Bryan and Courtney Caldwell».
Our daughter gets closer to the desk and adds some important details.
«Courtney, the Magic Witch of Nowhereland!»
The elevator brings us to the fourth floor, where your room is. D42.
«Dad, how can I be a good witch without a magic wand?» she says showing disappointment in her green eyes.
I forgot it in my dressing room at the studios. How could I forget it?
I take a look around your room and find a flower that is still alive, even if it has been there for a week.
«Take this, it will be perfect.»
«A flower?»
«All the peaceful Magic Witches of Nowhereland have a flower as magic wand!»
«Now start from line 12.»
«You, Blackhawk, Lord of the Evillands! You have no power here!» She shakes the flower carefully, knowing that is not the strongest magic wand on Earth.
«Oh, Magic Witch of Nowhereland! Nobody can stop me! I’m here to kidnap the Queen and I will make her my wife for ever and ever!»
«Noo!» Courtney yells «With my powerful spell, you will be gone in a matter of seconds!» She points the magic wand towards me. I pretend to be affected by her spell, falling back on the chair.
As I fall, the look on her face changes. She doesn’t like it, not this time. She runs to me and yells:
«No, dad, don’t fall asleep like mom!»
Now I’m feeling guilty. I know that the show can’t go on. I look in her eyes again, I can see how much frightened she is.
I pinch her nose, then I show my thumb between the index and the middle finger.
«Stolen. Now it’s mine.»
She’s not laughing now. I feel tears coming out like breaking a dyke. I move Courtney aside and walk out of your room. A second after, I’m with my head in my hands. The time to tell her the truth has finally come.
Suddenly, small fingers are on my arms.
«Dad. Are you crying?»
«Why, dad? Is it for the nose?»
«Not exactly…»
«You don’t have to worry, dad. Mum just gave it back to me.»
I stand up. I walk in the room. I look at your hands. The thumb between the index and the middle finger. The sound of the beeps all around. Your green eyes wide open.

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