4 reasons why I don’t like working from home

Most of us, in the early morning, are quite in love with their bed. Leaving it is the hardest part of the daily routine. Once you did it, everything is downhill. However, there is a considerable amount of people that would prefer to stay home and work from their bedroom desk or their living room table.

Sometimes I get sick, not that much that I can’t step out of my bed, but enough to keep me home. In that case, and only in that one, I feel like working from home. Otherwise, I would prefer to take the first metro to the office.

Therefore, here it is a short list of reasons why I don’t like working from the same place where my bed is.

Tempted by distractions

Home is the place where I keep my passions as well. The camera is on the shelf, the laptop with editing software is on the desk, the TV with movies and music is in the living room. And the food in the fridge. What about roommates that are studying at home? Always available for a long funny chat. All of this is awesome, but it affects my productivity and my focus. I’d rather came back from the office to enjoy them in full relax state.

Distance from colleagues

Ok, my colleagues are really cool, but first of all, they are serious professionals, a great resource of help when highly necessary. On the other hand, they might need my help for solving problems that can’t be solved with a Skype call or a chat session on Slack. Although technology is now going forward with team collaboration solutions – Screenhero for Slack seems to be just wow –, nothing compares to a one-to-one meeting, or guided session through the software workflow.

The lunch break

Every Italian people you meet in your life would say that they would prefer to eat home for two reasons: quality of food – especially if they work abroad – and the habit of having a long lunch break (2 to 3 hours). That’s not my case. Of course, I would prefer to eat something closer to my taste, but why giving up on the most important social moment with colleagues? Well, when overwhelmed by backlog, I need to give it up, but that’s the only reason why I would do it.


This is most personal reason, but I have commuting in my blood and it is one of my favorite parts of the day. Even if the journey is the same every day, it is the moment when I can think about what is next. On the outbound trip, focus on today’s tasks at the office, problems solved and to be solved, backlog, issues, new features. On the return trip, writing ideas, video sketches, weekend plans. It is the part of the day in which my brain runs free and I couldn’t do without.

Would you recommend to work from home? If so, I would really know your reasons why.

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