A matter of smells

I have an important dinner tomorrow and I have to dress up. Me, the anti-fashion by definition. I chose for a classic black tie dress, not the most original idea ever, but I look good in black. They say that it makes you thinner and I need it. Last 2 months I’ve been constrained to stay still because of an injury and I got some kilos more.

Black pants, white shirt, a black thin tie and a black jacket. I will find a nice hat and a pair of black sunglasses and you can call me Dan Akroyd. Of course, a pair of black shoes. I have a couple of them. The one that I use to go to work and the one that I use in this situations. However, I used them a year ago, for the last time. Lack of maintenance and time made them a bit rusty.

I need a sponge to make them lucid as well, so my experience led me to a shoemaker. As I entered in, I started sniffing around like a truffle dog. There was just a client, a woman that was taking back her shoes. She left pretty soon. Therefore, the guy asked me something that I barely understood. I was in another world, in another time.

The time when I was used to that smell. A mix of glue, varnish and dust. Maybe one of the reasons that took you away from us. But I remember exactly what it felt like.

Your store wasn’t that big but it was huge for comfort, laughs and people coming in. Via Ravenna 87 wasn’t just an address, it was the place to be. Lawyers, dancers, cooks, retired artisans, engineers, students. Everyone needed to fix shoes sooner or later. Each of them had a story to tell or a secret to reveal.

And you were there, knocking on shoes with your hammer – a sound that one could hear since the beginning of the street, when you kept the door open in summer days. You had ears and suggestions for anyone who was entering that door. Countless moments, happy or sad, relaxing or worrying.

“Do you need something, sir!?” The shoemaker yelled at me for the second time.
I bought a lucid sponge and I left the place, but the smell and the memories are stick stuck on me. And there will be for the rest of my time.

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