The Imitation Game

Why “The Imitation Game” will be a wonderful movie

A superb thriller and a worthy biopic of a real hero. It’s also simultaneously an encouraging follow-up for Headhunters’ Morten Tyldum, an impressive debut for screenwriter Graham Moore, and a big-screen career highlight for Benedict Cumberbatch.

This review from the Empire would be enough to describe the awesomeness behind the next movie from Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game. I might be too much involved in the story told by this film to give an impartial judgement, but I finally see a big wish fulfilled. The life and the huge contribution of Alan Turing is eventually brought to the big screen audience, which most likely ignored this genius until today. It goes without saying that I belong to those that know the story pretty well. However, this won’t keep me away from the movie theather and enjoy it, even if it will be out only from the 8th of January. Expectations are unusually over the top, and here it is why I feel that they will be satisfied.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Most of the people liked it for Sherlock, but I’m not addicted to series – yes, shit happens. Therefore, I liked him a lot in Star Trek – Into Darkness, where he played a perfect and flawless villain like Khan. So far, this is his first performance on the big screen in a leading role and the character he’s playing is not that trivial. I agree with those that Tyldum couldn’t rely on a better actor for the part.

Alexandre Desplat

Maybe this name doesn’t make ring any bell, but when I read it in the specs of the movie, I literally shivered. This French composer wrote the soundtrack for a list of movies that speak by themselves, and let you understand the extent of his awesomeness: Argo, Monuments Men, Godzilla (the 2014 version, of course), Zero Dark Thirty, The Ides of March, The Tree of Life. And counting. The soundtrack of The Imitation Game is already available on Spotify, and it’s a joyful masterwork, a remarkable eargasmic score.

Alan Turing’s payback

The real reason why I will love this movie and I believe it will be a great success mostly relies on the story being told. The story of a man that has been ignored by the mainstream audience for such a long time. A man that remarkably contributed to change the destiny of the latest horrible world conflict. A man that built the foundation of computer science. A man that has been persecuted and convicted for his homosexuality and that received the formal apology from the UK government only in 2009.

The movie will be premiering in UK on the next November 14th. And I’m seriously thinking about going there for the weekend. I can’t wait until 8 January 2015, Dutch release day. I will have to resist to downloading it from the torrent network, it will be really hard, but ok: challenge accepted.

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