There were no lunch or dinner with friends or family where you were waiting for the food at the table, unless it was a formal situation or you were in a restaurant. In any other occasion, you were in the kitchen, or at the barbecue, or wherever the place to prepare food was.

It was your way to let your friend enjoy your company and hospitality. It was your way to entertain and delight your table mates. In short, it was your way to be friends with someone.

I found myself thinking about that some days ago. I was thinking that somebody disapproved this habit of mine. Yes, because I have this same habit, and so far I never noticed where it was coming from.

Therefore, I thought that it would be a matter of eating safely, the better way to eat some good food, prepared in the way you liked it, so that you could be sure to do not eat any weird mix, which you would surely complain about. But no, I strongly believe that it wasn’t for that reason.

I like to think that the habit to host a lunch, a dinner, a barbecue or whatsoever concerning food, and to be the one cooking for the others were all parts of your being the friend that everyone loved and appreciated to have as one. The one nobody will ever forget.

Happy birthday, man.

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