The awakening

The day couldn’t get any better. Since the early morning, the sequence of metro and bus was perfect. Step on the metro stop, the metro arrives in 10 seconds. Walked to the bus stop, and the bus arrived, picked me up and went to the northern side of the Ij. At the office, it was a really productive day. I solved a bunch of problem and start a new project. I left the office really satisfied, then rushed to my home to change clothes and go to the pitch.

I didn’t score, I also missed two unmistakable chances to put the ball in the goal, but I let my team mates score 2 out of the 3 goals that let us win the match. A penetrating pass from the midfield in the first goal, a nice triangle passing and getting 2 defenders on me in the second one. A few minutes to celebrate the first winning match of the season, after two defeats, then I had to run back home again.

A fast shower and a question to my roommate.
«Do you want to join me for some beers with a friend from Italy, at the Bierfabriek
I didn’t need to hear anything else. I was already wearing clean clothes and ready to leave for the city center. In 5 minutes, we were at the same metro stop I was twelve hours before.

I recognized a pair of orange bags on the opposite side of the street. It’s a friend going for grocery. I shout his name and he barely recognizes us, trying to keep the control of the bike. I invited him to cross the street. He did. We invited him to join us and he just thought about it those two seconds necessary to answer in an inevitable way. Yes.

We reached the city center in fifteen minutes and we joined my cool friend from Italy in the Bierfabriek. Had a couple of black beers and a tasty, juicy grilled chicken. Talked about our lives, updated each other with news, current projects and habits, future goals and plans. Took her to the bus to Noordwijkerhout and promised to see each other soon.

Came back home not too late, at midnight I was already under the blankets, smiling for the glorious day I just finished, thinking that it couldn’t go any better. Closed my eyes and started dreaming.

Therefore, I opened my eyes again, woke up at 6am, as usual. Yawned out loud, reached my phone with my best sloth moves, turned off the alarm and turned on the wifi. The first thing that appears is a message from her. I found myself smiling again, even without reading a single letter. She’s surrounded by the coldness of the morning commuting people. She feels a bit lost, with all those faces that look the same to her. But she found me there, even if she misses the real me.

And suddenly, I’m really awake. Again.

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