(The following post appeared as a note on my Facebook account on last March 8th, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. I propose it again to support the HeForShe‘s gender equality campaign, wonderfully endorsed by Emma Watson some days ago.)

The smile that knocks you out. The illogical sentences yelled at you when you argue about nothing. The unpredictable behavior before a phone call. The question read but not answered. The eyes that inspire you. The bad breath in the early morning. The dinner out in a crappy restaurant. The song you can’t listen to anymore. The picture to keep in a box. The smell of the skin just come out of the shower. 

The ridiculous way of calling each other. The criticism for damaged socks. The wheezing breath while having sex. The softness of the breast during a nightly hug. The bravery of fight against an enemy. The caress full of resignation. The laugh denied to a chauvinist joke. The never-ending call on Skype. The support in the worst moments. The bunch of money to buy an ice-cream. 

The suggestion to follow. The wait at the airport. The plans for the future. The kilometres rode by bike. The question for the receipt. The exhausting feeling of doubt. The gift you are still waiting for. The lunch that you owe. The unwanted and unforgettable trip. The first thought in the morning. The last thought in the night.

And more, much more.

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