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Besides writing, I can’t help taking pictures. It comes without saying that this town is really the hell of inspirations for photography. To keep myself trained and to keep practicing, I decided to buy The Photographer’s Playbook and play with it. I will start 3 projects every 4 weeks. The outcome of these projects will be published on these pages or, more likely, on a different section of this website. My goal is to finish the whole book, but it is like a lifetime quest. No problems with that, I like challenges. The following is a list of the first 3 projects I’m going to take. Stay tuned for the results!

The Emigrants

The author of this project is Alison Nordström and it is based on W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants. It consists of 4 parts: first, I have to read the book, then I have to make a new edition of it replacing its photographs with ones found in magazines, newspapers or flea market.
The third part includes making a third edition with my own pictures. The last part consists of applying the same exercise to any poem by Emily Dickinson. Finally, pictures will be shown, both on my livingroom wall and this blog.
Estimated publishing date: November 22nd.

Book as…

This project is suggested by Willie Osterman. I have to find a discarded library book that is not a photography book (and this is already done). Therefore, I will make three steps:

  • Book as Idea: find something printed in the book and use it as source material.
  • Book as Prop or Metaphor: place the book in a scene and make a photograph.
  • Book as Object: do something to the book.

Estimated publishing date: November 1st.

Flea Market

The project by Sarah Palmer is designed for solving a situation of creativity block. Fortunately, this is not my case recently, but the lesson has to be learned, in case I will face something like that in the future – it is likely to happen.
As the title suggests, I need to go first to a flea market. After browsing and picking the right object, I’m gonna buy it. Therefore, I will bring it back home and, after good observation, I’ll shoot a video of it. Moreover, I’m gonna take five picture of things related to the object.
Finally, I will not only take picture of the object itself, but also modify it, paint it, make a draw of it. I don’t expect too much from this project, but to learn how to go out of a creativity block.
Estimated publishing date: October 18th.

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