That game I use to play

My worst lack is the intense rate of thinking. Thinking about whatever you can imagine. Making plans, designing projects, giving birth to ideas I most likely never realise. I overthink, too much. One of my favourite sports is to look at people around me and imagine what they can do until 5 minutes after the moment I saw them for the first time.

The father and the little girl

He is holding his daughter with one hand, the handrail with the other. He speaks to her in Dutch, and I merely understand that they are talking about the weather. “Weer”, “regen”, “zomer”, “wolken”. A few words that I can detect, while they are about to leave the vehicle. They get off at Overamstel. The little girl indicates the river that streams underneath the bridge and the metro goes towards Spaklerweg, the next stop.

The father ensures the little girl, telling her that it is not going to rain and they can still go on the river in the country side village, the one where they use to go at least two weekends per month. The little girl doesn’t want to go to school. She prefers to go on the bank of the river, the one in front of the house of her grandma. She asks her father when they will go to her grandma’s. The father is about to say that the coming Sunday they would probably go, but the digital banner on the wall reminds him that this is going to be the weekend of Feyenoord – Ajax. He thinks about the promises he did to his director. “We will kick your ass and I will be next to you when it will happen”. The little girl keeps on asking. The father answers eventually.

The Chinese business woman

She sits in front of me and she doesn’t raise her eyes from the smartphone. All dressed up. She wears headphones and most likely she’s listening to some famous Chinese singer. Believe me, they use to listen to Chinese divas a lot. Her focus is all dedicated to that five inches glass, which is kind of tortured by her nervous and fast fingers. She barely realises that we are in Amstel Station and that she has to get off. She steps on my right foot with her left hill and runs away. No apologies, just that smartphone.

The Chinese business woman: I should tell him.
Friend: Are you crazy? He just recovered from the firing and you want to tell him.
TCBW: Sooner or later he will find out.
F: Yes, but you still have time.
TCBW: For what?
F: To decide.
F: First, if keeping it or not.
TCBW: Don’t go to parties on Mondays, it’s not good for your mental health…
F: Not kidding, you’re not ready
TCBW: I am!! My mother was ready at 19, I can be ready at 25!
F: You are also not ready for telling him
TCBW: I will tell him tonight
F: Z, wait

Green eyes

I would like to focus on the book that I’m reading. I literally ate it so far. The metro is still in Wespeerplein, so I have plenty of time to finish the chapter. A bag hits my head once. Twice. Third time. Ok, that’s enough. I turned brusquely towards that bag and I was about to yell something when my look crosses the one coming from a couple of green gems.
«Uh, sorry.»
«Si figuri.»
Waterlooplein. Doors are open. Gems run away.

“I replied in Italian”. What a dumb. Next time I will probably use my dialect. And she will run faster. Wait, I know that bag. I raise my head. She smiles.
«…volgende halte!»
«Eheheh. Wrong stop, uh?»
«It’s Monday for everybody.»
«For me more than the others…»
«Wild party last night?»
«Party? I don’t party since ages. Nah, just an important meeting…»
«Uh, workaholic then…»
«Yes…» says checking the time.
I don’t know what to say. Blank. Totally empty. I start to play with the glasses and pretending to check something important on the smartphone. Finally, the lighting bulb.
«Now I’m curious. I really want to know how it ends.»
«Your important meeting. Do you think it is fair to leave me here without knowing what will happen there at your workplace?»
She first looks at me in a scared way, then she shyly hints a smile and search from something in the same bag that was bouncing on my head two minutes before.
She takes something out of her bag and puts it in my right hand.
Nieuwmarkt. Doors are open. Gems run away.
I look down and shyly hint a smile.

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