4 Amsterdam desk cafés you can’t miss

Most of the times, you need to be focused on your work, on your studies or on your readings. For this reason, you choose a (public) library when you can find a desk where to seat with your laptop or your books, and start being productive. Some other times, instead, you need an inspiring environment, a place where you can feel alive or just being surrounded by people and daily routine background noise.

Your design concept is stuck and you need a comfy place where to get inspiration. Your writing project needs a boost to grow up in size and appeal. You need to fix your photographs but the lazy chair in your room is full of clothes you should put in the washing machine. In these situations, all you are looking for is a place different from the usual one, where you can eventually have a coffee or a sandwich. A desk café is what you need, and Amsterdam offers plenty of solutions. The followings are my favorite ones.


I made the acquaintance of this place thanks to my friend Elena and I am really grateful to her for that. The Hutspot is a concept store which provides a cozy environment to do both shopping and having a brunch. Indeed, on the ground floor you can find the clothes store, and on the first floor you can sit back and chill having a highly recommended sandwich. The lunchroom provides both sockets and wifi, beyond really tasty food and drink. Info.

De Ysbreeker

The Wespeerzijde, eastern side of the Amstel, is one of the most beautiful streets in all Amsterdam. The block behind it is just amazing, buildings and parks, all included. Furthermore, the street itself is full of nice café and restaurants. Some of them have also a nice terrace on the river. My favorite spot for writing is De Ysbreeker, less then five minutes walking from the Torontobrug. Their dishes are just amazing and the large table with power plugs, newspapers and magazines inspires me a lot. Salads are highly recommended. Info.


I expected to find something really usual instead the CREA Café amazed me since the first second I stepped in. It started with the huge smile of the waitress which asked me what I wished to eat or drink. The same smiling girl who taught me how to say “power rack” in Dutch – it’s haspel, I won’t forget it as I won’t forget her smile. I usually go there on Sundays, when the CREA Institute is closed and the café is not too crowded. I literally fell in love with their hot chocolate, but also the sandwich menu is appealing. Info.

Ivy & Bros.

The location says it all. It is situated in the heart of the Red Light District. Ivy & Bros is on the corner between Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Sint Annenstraat. Tasting some good caprese sandwich and drinking the tasty homemade orange juice, it is possible to have quick relaxing time and a goo… wait! But that’s a huge pair of boobs! Oh yes, the beautiful old fashioned windows on Sint Annenstraat show the typical attractions of the area. Nothing bad with it, tho. Info.

I really like desk cafes and the more I know, the more I will explore. Therefore, if you have any suggestion, feel free to leave it here.

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