5 reasons why I eventually accepted the challenge

I was skeptic. I don’t like mass phenomena. I tried everything to avoid to be nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, but eventually Valentina did it via Instagram. Initially, I wanted to refuse the challenge, but I thought about it carefully and I came out with five good reasons to accept it.

I already donated (and keep on doing it)

Last August 24th, I sent 30$ to the ALS Association via the form on their pages. And, hence, I thought “There’s more to challenge here, and it is the memory”. Yes, the memory. How many of us will still remember of this challenge in one year (or even six months)? How many of us will keep on mind how much important is to fund research to find a cure for devastating diseases like this one? To answer to this question, I thought that was worth it keep on donating. Therefore, I’m going to donate 5$ monthly until August 2015 and I will make other 30$ donation at the end of the cycle.

ALS is a serious thing

Fortunately, I have neither friends nor relatives having this kind of disease, so I didn’t know how difficult it could be living with it. Howver, it takes just a few hours of your time to get informed about it. Check the following websites and videos to know more about it.

Awareness is power

It’s a bit disappointing, from the human point of view, that we have to be stimulated in this way to be aware about a serious problem. I have to admit that it is a brilliant idea though. A rush of cold water simply brought the fund raising from barely 5M dollars in 2013 to 88.5M dollars (and counting) in 2014. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how dumb it could be. It generated awareness. It achieved the goal to increase the fund raising, and it did really well.

What if?

Als, in Dutch, means if. This made me ask a bunch of questions. What if it happens to somebody that I love? What if it happens to me? What would I do? Wouldn’t I look for every mean – dumb or smart – to sensitize the people and let them contribute to fight the hardest battle? I hope that these are questions that I won’t never have to ask, neither answer. For this reason, I want to contribute to this cause and tell the people around me to do the same.

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