“I know I’m starting at a very young age. Not … even fifteen and already so independent – that’s a little hard for other people to understand. I’m pretty sure Margot would never kiss a boy unless there was some talk of an engagement or marriage. Neither Peter nor I have any such plans. I’m sure that Mother never touched a man before she met Father. What would my girlfriends or Jacque say if they knew I’d lain in Peter’s arms with my heart against his chest, my head on his shoulder and his head and face against mine!”
Anne Frank – 17/4/1944

La purezza e l’ingenuità di una ragazza nel torpore e nell’oscurità di un genocidio che segnò per sempre la storia dell’umanità. In un epoca revisionista come quella che vive il nostro paese oggi, la memoria assume un significato particolare. E mi piacerebbe che lo facesse attraverso gli occhi, le sensazioni e le parole di Anne.

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