B’s Corner /3 – Esercito e domande

B si è concesso alla stampa straniera – New York Times, per la precisione. Il Washington Times s’interroga sul problema rifiuti e riporta:

But Silvio Berlusconi pulled out a great victory. And that is where resemblances to American politics must end. Consider what Mr. Berlusconi faces. The New York Times reported it this way: “Beginning his third term as prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday pledged unusually forceful measures to solve Italy’s deep problems. These steps include new restrictions on illegal immigrants and the use of the military to tackle the longstanding garbage crisis in Naples.” The military? To clear garbage?

Eh, l’esercito.
Poi fa una domanda un po’ particolare:

The question now is whether the Italian government has the wherewithal to deal with the literal and figurative mess. Italy is famed for its ungovernability. The trash has piled up in the streets of Naples because the dumps are full and when a new dump or incinerator is proposed, there is loud protest from those in proximity to the planned site. The NIMBY impulse is killing a great European city.

Siamo sicuri che sia l’effetto NIMBY il vero colpevole della situazione rifiuti in Campania? Ed è davvero il caso di parlare ancora di inceneritori?

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