A soundtrack for every moment

It’s around us almost 24/7, besides when we sleep. Though, also in that case, for example while we are dreaming, we can hear it. Even when we don’t want to hear it, like at evening while watching a movie and your flat mate pumps the bass from upstairs, or the guy sitting in front of you, on the tram, is listening to it so loudly that you start wondering how his ears could still function.

Music is a constant variable, and so is it in my daily life. Ok. Different purposes, different vibes, but there’s always a bit of it in most of the routine activities. And it couldn’t be any way else.

I still have to make a playlist for running sessions, but since I got injured – left foot, damn it – and I’m still recovering, I decided to delay the selection. However, I don’t miss a single note while working, chilling and, most of all, writing the following three playlist.

And you? Have any suggestion or just want to share your playlist? Don’t hesitate, let me know!


I need to feel inspired or, at least, I need to boost my mood in the early morning and after lunch. When the coffee can’t do anything more, it’s time for music. The following is a public list, named Mood Booster, that I created and periodically update on Spotify.


Cooking with some sound ingredient? Fixing my room while listening to something new? Having dinner with friends and they ask for some background music? Usually, my answer is the following playlist, which is named Easy Like Sunday Morning and it’s available and periodically updated on Spotify.


When it comes the time to sit at my desk, open iA Writer and fully focus on my texts, I need some chilly and relaxing soundtrack which gives me the right mood and helps me to keep the inspiration alive. I couldn’t find many interesting tunes on Spotify, so I used Soundcloud, which provides an extremely good alternative, especially for ambient or chill out artists. The following playlist, named just Writing, is updated almost every week and it is the one I care the most, so any suggestion is more than welcome!

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